Backdrop filled with the richness of gold :)

The decor demonstrates a tremendous eye for detail as each backlit cutwork has its own intricacy πŸ™‚ Strings of blooms hung at various levels created a dreamy ambience filled with elegance and love πŸ™‚ The rich gold backdrop worked wonders to fuse everything together effortlessly 😍 The entire setup is sure to make everyone smile … More Backdrop filled with the richness of gold πŸ™‚

Ecstatic backdrop :)

Delicate drapes in the shades of red and cream were used to create an euphoric ambience πŸ™‚ Exquisite red roses added cheerfulness to the entire setup πŸ’“ It was a ecstatic scene when these two paired up 😘

This decoration is full of charm and classic elegance ! The entrance paves way to experience a beautiful church wedding πŸ™‚ The day was filled with a lot of glam detailing and plenty of greenery 😍

Celebrity wedding :)

Presenting our work for actor Lokesh Baskaran of Vijay Tv fame. His wedding was one close knit affair done aesthetically traditional. The intricate golden work in the backdrop teases their love which is infectious and radiantly expressed with glitter. Wishing the delightful couple all the joy & prosperity!

Fairy tale wedding !

Exuberant decoration amid a garden setup πŸ’“ ! Vibrant colored blooms hung around the pillars along with danglers and exquisite centerpieces were a sure eye-ball grabber 😎 Beautiful floral peacocks made the crowd squeal with delight 😍 Get in touch with us to make your dream come true 😘