Events !!!!

What is an event? A moment happening or a incident of life, or a time reel. everyone has their own perception on it. An event is always a life changing moment, also a game changer sometimes. In today’s time we look around and every moment is full of something happening. some moments are deep inside our minds which we want to make come true or re-create them. there you need a hand, to hold who and make you travel in the journey of moments. when these moments created, we create an EVENT. we FLORA HAPPENINGS, make it happen. YOU DREAM, WE MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Photobooth fun :)

Happy client Bhargavi Muralikrishna striking a pose at our photobooth that reflected the moods of the triumphantly joyful guests – a place full of contrasting elements, shimmery frames and rustic cycles, colourful paper fans and elegant gold cages ! Broad smiles and naughty winks ! 😜