Red Theme

Enchanting & Magical ! The Romantic Round Arch with Ombre flowers , is an amazing piece of our new theme this season Added Dandling lights to make it Brightful..!!

Breathtaking blooms :)

The backdrop was adorned with breathtaking blooms 😍 Sophisticated Chandeliers were hung on either sides to create a dreamy ambience 😊 The rims were tucked throughout with cranberry red flowers which accentuated the romance 😍  

Pink wonder 😍

Impeccable styling and pops of pink hues everywhere πŸ™‚ The ceiling was filled to the brim with beautiful feather strings which created a dreamy romantic ambience! 😊 Lights studded all through the entrance was a visual treat to the eyes 😍

Magical decor :)

Green creepers and fairy tale string lights hung at the backdrop is sure to set all of us on a swoon mode 😍 We added more jawdroppers to this special occasion and raised a stunning structure encased in beautiful blooms 😍 Put together it has the most perfect proportion of elegance and romance 😍

Golden wonder :)

This delightful theme is sure to make your guests go head over heels in love with the decor ! The suspended floral balls and beautiful blooms studded across the rims of the backdrop was so pleasing to the eyes 😍

Photobooth fun :)

Happy client Bhargavi Muralikrishna striking a pose at our photobooth that reflected the moods of the triumphantly joyful guests – a place full of contrasting elements, shimmery frames and rustic cycles, colourful paper fans and elegant gold cages ! Broad smiles and naughty winks ! 😜

Subtle yet classy backdrop 😍

The soft toned backdrops on either side are juxtaposed against the bold green hued bamboo poles placed at the centre! 😍 Subtle white cages hung from a crisscross grid is guaranteed to keep you swooning ! 😊 Blossoming flowers hung at various levels added an element of charm and elegance ! 😍

Backdrop filled with the richness of gold :)

The decor demonstrates a tremendous eye for detail as each backlit cutwork has its own intricacy πŸ™‚ Strings of blooms hung at various levels created a dreamy ambience filled with elegance and love πŸ™‚ The rich gold backdrop worked wonders to fuse everything together effortlessly 😍 The entire setup is sure to make everyone smile…

Destination wedding :)

  A Simple yet sophisticated destination wedding decor ! This destination at palamalai has so much to offer in the way of privacy and views you just can’t get anywhere else ! 😍 Captivating golden motives, mesmerizing views, truly beautiful tents, striking floral hangings and what not πŸ™‚ The guests have not still stopped raving…