About us

True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French writer and poet

  • The promise of new beginnings
  • The camaraderie of two families
  • Benedictions and felicitations

Very few moments carry the potential to create widespread happiness like a wedding does.

But so often, families and the couple almost always end up missing out on all the fun, running around as they are to organize everything!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could just relax and enjoy themselves?

If there were someone who could handle every single aspect of it all? A wedding planner?

But not just any wedding planner; THE wedding planners. We  add value to this beautiful occasion making the memories not just pleasant but cherish-able forever.

Flora Wedding Planners

The recipient of two national awards, Flora Wedding Planners is the last word in opulent celebrations and larger-than-life weddings. Awe-inspiring, prize-winning concepts make Flora the most sought-after wedding planning team. This isn’t just talk- this is the experience gained from 650 flawless weddings.


Founded by Mrs. Reshma Srijay, Flora Wedding Planners has been simplifying wedding needs from May 2012.  The idea behind the inception is simple: a wedding planning service should lend itself to everyone- fit every sensibility and wedding size. It seemed like a tall order to start with, but the passage of time has shown that a dream with a clear plan can become a reality.

Right now, Flora is six years and 650 weddings old.

In these six years, Flora has become the go-to name for thoughtful, elegant and beautiful weddings.

The service industry is a challenging space. Even more so, when the service is the planning and executing of a wedding.  Trends change, times change, and nowhere more than in the world of weddings. To stay on top of the game, to stay relevant and to provide absolutely topnotch deliverables is the key to carving a niche and sustaining a business.

Flora has not just sustained, but thrived. That Flora has been able to do this, keeping the client’s every wish in mind and executing ideas with integrity and vision is a source of immense pride for the company. 650 weddings speak volumes about the reputation and standing of the company and the faith Flora Wedding Planners has inspired in clients. Our advertising is the best kind there is-word-of-mouth from delighted customers.

What makes us unique?

Flora Wedding Planners are memory makers, craftsmen of a different kind. The company crafts personalized intuitive weddings. There is no question of wedding ‘packages.’ You will not see a typed-up sheet of what’s on offer based on budget and nothing else. Attention to detail is at the heart of everything Flora does. This is evident in the creations, in the 650 weddings that we have been a part of. The emphasis is on international standards and sensibilities. It could be something as simple as a welcome piece of confectionery or as elaborate as an orchid decked pandal-the client is key.

Flora’s decisions are always made keeping the client’s wedding requirements, wishes and budget in mind. All transactions are transparent and the customer is thus spared of any nasty surprises.



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  1. Gopinath says:

    Hi this is Gopinath from Pondicherry. Saw ur work last Sunday at Jayaram Kalyana Mandabam. It was really good. My wedding has been planned on July 3rd on same venue. Want to knw abt ur packages. Can contact me at 9894518173.

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