A Celebrity wedding affair with warmth.

I am all the more thrilled to share with you all, my experience of working for Diya and Karthik wedding. Diya,the most gorgeous and picture perfect bride. No words to describe how beautiful she carried herself in every costume and make up. And Karthik, the handsome groom with a cheerful smile complimenting each other in every instance. I could see the photographers going crazy because you don’t get to capture so many wonderful moments in just one wedding.

Now apart from all these, what I have to say is something which none else would have experienced.

I have known Diya for sometime and I have seen her doing very well in her profession with quite a number of successful projects. When she called me to plan her wedding , I expected it to be like planning a celebrity wedding and was skeptical about how comfortable I would be.

But, to my surprise , she hasn’t changed a bit in her attitude . She had a very friendly approach which made it a lot easier. Her entire family was involved in the discussions . All of them wanted the perfect wedding for their little girl and it was all evident in their presence every time for the discussion . Her sis, Dheepthi , who also , I knew for sometime was particularly thrilled about her little sis tying the knot.

I was only thinking , Karthik has to be very lucky to have Diya to be his better half and to have such wonderful in-laws. That was only until I started interacting with Karthik and his dad . Honestly saying I could not decide who is luckier …
That instance when Diya got a bit upset about rain during her reception and how Karthik was consoling her… Awwww… I had to be very lucky to witness such beautiful emotions . That gives us all the push needed, to give our best for them.

All I could say was Diya and Karthik were so meant for each other. A beautiful couple filled with love and admiration for each other.A true epitome of the word-Marriage.
It was lovely planning the wedding of this couple and a very memorable journey filled with moments that I will Cherish for a long time … Best wishes, luv and hugs to you both ..

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