A true tale of Love in the hills..!!!


Sharing the experience of working with one of the most energetic bride.. Subikshaa.. A very cheerful and bubbly bride.. She had a very specific taste and was very thrilled about her wedding..

When you fall in love, your face brightens, your eyes shine and your heart jumps with joy.. I could see that all in Subikshaa.. From the moment I met her I realised that I am talking to a girl who has met her true love… And I affirmed the fact when I saw her together with Anand.. Anand and Subikshaa truly represented the phrase- ‘Made for each other”. Their love was magical and it spread to everyone around them.. A beautiful experience indeed planning their wedding…

It won’t be right if I fail to mention about her loving father Mr.Vivekanand. He wanted to give everything his daughter wanted.. A father who would cross any boundaries to see his daughters happy and smiling.. And also their best friends Mr.Zubair and Mr.Basha, who took every efforts to make this a lovely wedding.. A very close to the heart experience for me… I should indeed thank them all giving me an opportunity to experience their magical world of love and happiness…!!

Best wishes Anand & Subikshaa…!!!

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