The Big Fat Indian Wedding..!!!

 What is that much hype about Indian Weddings?? Why are they called Big Fat Weddings in India?? 

 Weddings play a big part in showing the great Indian Traditions to the world. The way importance is given to weddings here,you cannot find it in any other part of the world..

In our country, a Wedding is always considered as a mutual bond between two families, rather than individuals. It is an agreement of relationship between the groom and bride’s families. The bride’s family send their daughter to the groom’s house, to run the family, take care of the members.She is being offered a position next to the mother, adds strength to the female pillar of the family. This is the crust. People’s thinking has evolved over time. Even though there has been a lot of change in this kind of views, most of the families I have come across have not deviated from this model.

 That she has to leave a family she grew up with and get accustomed to a new house, new people and environment is a very big challenge for woman. But that is what makes a woman stronger. That is what something which can be done by a woman, that cannot be done by most of the men. And so, a wedding in India, is a perfect occasion where the bride’s parents could create a first impression of their girl to the new family. The way the wedding is celebrated creates a much impact on how the girl is being treated in the family. And that is why all the fathers would want to celebrate their daughter’s wedding in a very grand way. 

 Even after years, some families keep mentioning to the girl about the good and bad things about the wedding. The way the arrangements were done, the kind of jewellery, make-up and food and lots.. The wedding day is the best day for a bride and it is important that we make it the best of the best day. 

 Sadly a few problems also would be mentioned in the family for a very long time. I have heard a Mother in law (MIL) telling, after 10 years of her son’s marriage, that her daughter in law(DIL) was delayed to get dressed up for the marriage (The reason being that all her cousins and aunts were busy getting ready and she never got the help she expected) which ended up them tying the knot after the auspicious time slot. Even after so many years of the DIL trying to make up for it with her good work, it never helped. Believe me, they are a good pair of Saas – Bahu. Respect each other a lot, but it was never possible for the DIL to get it out of her MIL’s head that she was not punctual.The MIL would still tease the DIL for her delay in any work,pointing out to the delay on the wedding day. But it hurts the girl, which she is not aware.

 So even these small things might create a big impact in a person’s life, for otherwise what could be a perfect dream life. 

 It is important that we give importance to all such small things while arranging a wedding. 

 A good Wedding Planner, would by experience know all these things and would know the areas where it should be taken care of.

 A relationship is like a  mirror. Once broken, you can stick the broken pieces back to get the mirror, but you would never see the original image.

 So a wedding which is a mutual agreement of this relationship should be given importance. And since we realize all these, we care most about our weddings and hence we call it – “The Big Fat Indian Wedding”.

PIC Courtesy : Yellow Frames Broadcast studio, Thrissur,


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